Pizza and Politics: Election Process

On Wednesday, Jan. 29 students gathered in the Leavitt Center at Southern Utah University to learn more about the process as well as voice their opinions during the Pizza and Politics event.

The election process is not as simple as it seems, as there are multiple parts leading up to the general election. Speakers at this event explained the processes of our national and state government elections. They also educated the audience on SUU student elections and how to participate in them.

“The event was a very good learning experience for me. It helped me see how the process works and when I need to participate,” said Jonnie Bunting, a sophomore accounting major. 

Topics discussed included caucuses and primary elections, in which parties choose their top candidate for the general presidential election.

In most cases, independent or third-party candidates do not  have the opportunity to enter a parties’ caucuses or primary. However, not all students agreed that this was fair. A point was then expressed that if a person is not affiliated with a party, they should not get a say on how that party runs. There were both sides of the spectrum present on this topic. 

Attendees also learned about Super Tuesday, the day when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. This tradition dates back to 1988.

A student voiced that primaries being held at different times do not allow for those voting later on to have the same options. Attendees discussed having all states vote on Super Tuesday as a resolution to this problem.

“[Pizza and Politics] allows for a place to share and hear opinions freely,” said Sadie Sanchez, a senior political science major. “It is a great way to interact about politics. I can’t wait for the next discussion.” The environment is very friendly and open to all voices. 

Events at the Leavitt Center are for anyone interested in acquiring knowledge of politics. The next Pizza and Politics events will be on Wednesday, Feb. 12 at noon.  For more information about upcoming events, follow @leavittcenter on Instagram or go to their website.


Story by Lainey Cartwright and Mike Sims

Photos courtesy of  the Leavitt Center