SUUSA Senate Meeting 1/14

SUUSA returns with the first senate meeting of the semester. During the course of the meeting, the senators and representatives ratified the appointment of their latest representative, approved funding for several requests, and finished the meeting with a request from the Sustainability club.

Greek Life representative Madison Hufford is the latest to join the ranks of SUUSA. Hufford is a freshman appointed to the position by the United Greek Council. With this position, she hopes to bring Greek life and student life together as she believes they are too separated.

Along with this, Hufford said she hopes to create an outreach program for students who aren’t currently involved with activities or clubs. 

“They can become more involved and they will enjoy school and they will want to stay here,” said Hufford.

While Hufford’s appointment was an important addition to the current senate, they quickly moved on to voting for several funding requests.

Alpha Phi received $1,200 in funding to participate in a training course aimed at analyzing their goals going forward with their organization as well as what other Greek houses are doing.

Nine SUU students received $2,700 in funding, double what they would regularly receive, in order to visit the United Nations as a part of the youth assembly. These students will be among a select few that will be able to present and participate in the assembly. 

Mentor Sipho Ncube lobbied for these students to receive this funding from SUUSA.  With that in mind, along with various fundraising efforts that the students have already done, the senate was unanimous in approving the funding.

Next, SUU’s National Association for Music Educators club received $433 in funding to take a trip to St. George where they will attend the Utah Music Educators Association conference. The students attending will have a chance to learn new methods and industry standards as well as potentially make post-college connections.

The final funding approval was for the Agriculture club who received $2,000 to attend the Colorado Agriculture Tour. Students who take part in this tour will see various agricultural sites in the state and visit the University of Colorado.

Finally, the meeting ended with a request by the Sustainability club to co-sponsor their new event: Walk or Wheel Wednesdays. The event is intended to encourage being active and relying less on cars. The club’s main hope was to have SUUSA presence for the event as well as help with marketing.

SUUSA senate meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m in the Sterling Church Auditorium located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

Story by: Alex Schilling