Disability Week: Inclusion Drives Innovation

During Nov. 18-22, Southern Utah University’s Disability Resource Center is having its Inclusion Drives Innovation Disability Week. 

The goal of this week is to raise awareness for people who have mental or physical disabilities, and to educate students and faculty about different kinds of disabilities.

One of the week’s activities is a unique type of obstacle course. This course does not challenge the body, but the mind. During the activity, people must read a paper that represents what it is like to have dyslexia, or they must try to think through problems while listening to headphones that simulate what it’s like to have schizophrenia. 

The center serves 750 students on campus who struggle with all different kinds of disabilities, so they want to make it easier for students who are afraid to speak up about their disability. 

“There are so many kinds of disabilities, so we are trying to help people be more understanding,” stated Kara Gifford, assistant in the Disability Resource Center. “I have learned so much more about disabilities since I started working here.”

All week, the center is running activities such as mini golf, yoga, and movies about different kinds of disabilities. All activities are in the Student Center and are free for students to go and learn. 

For more information on Inclusion Drives Innovation Disability Week or the Disability Resource Center, visit them in the Student Center in room 206.  You can also contact the office at 435-865-8042, or sshelp@suu.edu.


Story by: Cairo Cook
Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com