Polynesian Showcase

The Polynesian club at Southern Utah University made it possible for students to travel to the Polynesian Islands without any of the travel expenses by putting on an event promoting the various islands of Polynesia on Oct. 10, 2019.

SUU Students were invited to come and learn about several of the Polynesian Islands. Booths representing Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti with students from the Polynesian club shared more information about each of these places. 

There was a spread of fruit and Spam Masubi for everyone to eat and some Cultural Music to enjoy. At noon, there were several traditional polynesian dance performances that displayed the rich cultural history of these Polynesian Islands.

Aioise Talamoni, President of the Polynesian Club, shared the purpose of the event was to “educate everyone about the Islands of polynesia and showcase our cultures.”

The Polynesian Club put on this event to give everyone a taste of the big showcase they will be putting on in the Spring. In March the community will be invited to attend a night of cultural celebration with dance performances.

One of SUU’s International Student Ambassadors, Basit Ali, helped put on this event and others similar to it. He shared that there are more club events similar to this coming up in the near future that feature other cultures represented on campus.     

“The African Union are going to do something, we have an Asian Festival as well… and other showcases,” Ali said.

Many diverse cultures are represented here at SUU with many events and organizations to help students be culturally informed and aware. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the International Student Ambassadors can answer any questions and are always looking for more supporters.

Story by: Moriah Spainhower
Photos courtesy of: Moriah Spainhower