Netflix and Kill: the Best Halloween Movies on Netflix Right Now

It’s the Halloween season, which means…Netflix and kill? Whether you’re hosting spooky movie marathons or trying to find a good snuggle movie, Netflix has you covered. They might be losing “Friends”, “The Office” and “Parks and Rec”, but hey, at least they have some good Halloween movies. 

 *Cries into my bucket of candy as I binge “Stranger Things” for the fourth time*

1. “Scream” trilogy (1996-2000)

I seriously cannot praise this set of movies enough. Set in the ‘90s, the films revolve around Sidney Prescott whose entire friend group is being targeted by the masked Ghostface. The killer is a scary movie-obsessed maniac, playing off all the right tropes from the genre. “Scream” is incredibly self-aware and truly a commentary on the horror genre in general. The first film (my personal favorite) features an iconic opening scene with Drew Barrymore, a perfect amount of comedy and blood splattering kills and the oddly hot Billy Loomis.* Not to mention the evolution of Courtney Cox’s truly horrible hair. It’s so bad. I mean, I really cannot emphasize enough how bad it is. But ignoring that, the “Scream” trilogy is the perfect Halloween movie night with friends. 

*For more information on Billy’s hotness, see this article. Just know it contains spoilers, so maybe watch “Scream” first.

2. “In the Tall Grass” (2019)

As a brand new Stephen King adaptation, I was quick to hop on my favorite streaming service to watch this. And let me tell you: it’s wild. “In the Tall Grass” focuses on a brother and sister who drive past a large field of grass, only to get sucked into the evils that lurk within. Inside the field, they meet other travellers who fell into the same trap, including a young boy named Tobin (no, that is not a spelling error. His name is actually Tobin. Think he was born in Utah?). The film is anxiety-inducing and weird, but also wonderfully creepy. It will certainly make you afraid of any taller-than-average grass. 

3. “Hush” (2016)

Ever thought about moving to the secluded woods to pursue a writing career? Well, not after watching “Hush”! The film centers around a deaf writer who is terrorized by a masked killer that appears at her window one night. The viewer is thrust between an omniscient point of view and that of the protagonist. Sometimes you’re yelling at the T.V. screen for her to turn around and hear the man entering her home with a knife, other times you’re forced to sit in silence as you wonder if he’s been right behind you the whole time. It’s brilliantly done and exceptionally entertaining. Also, lots o’ blood! 

4. “The VVitch” (2015)

Warning: this movie is NOT for the faint of heart. In fact, I haven’t even finished it. To put it lightly, “The VVitch” is messed up. However, if you’re a hardcore horror fan and you’re feeling up to the challenge, it is beautifully scary. The cinematography and score are wonderful, and the story is very artistically told. Just be ready for a lot of possession, baby murders and goats. Goats everywhere. It’s scarier than it sounds, I promise. 


5. “The Haunting of Hill House” (2018)

Although technically not a movie, this Netflix series is my current obsession. “The Haunting of Hill House” is the perfect blend of traditional haunted house ghosts and the personal ones that haunt us every day. It deals with mental illness, family and working through trauma. But not only is it relevant and beautifully done, it’s scary. Do not watch this alone! Personally, this is the perfect level of horror that I enjoy watching, making it my new favorite Halloween binge sesh. 

If you haven’t quite gotten in the Halloween mood yet, try giving one of these a shot. With the range of selection that Netflix has to offer, they’re guaranteed to entertain and possibly scar you for life. Seriously, be warned of “The VVitch”. 


Story by: Amanda Walton
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