Pizza and Politics: Defining Gender in 2019

The most recent Pizza and Politics was held on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and hosted by the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service at Southern Utah University. This week’s topic was Defining Gender in 2019.

The questions up for debate this week covered a variety of subjects. They ranged from the importance of discussing gender in today’s society to passing the equality act which aims to address gender identity and gender expression and included an in-depth discussion on bathroom legislation. 

Bathroom legislation would allow transgender individuals to use the restroom in alignment with their gender identity rather than their gender assigned at birth. Attendees discussed whether this type of legislation should be mandated on a state or federal level. 

Students discussed whether or not the 20 gender-neutral restrooms on SUU’s campus, 14 of which students have access to, is an adequate number.

Another topic discussed was whether sports should be categorized by sex or ability. The Southern Utah University Student Association constitution’s use of gender-neutral language was also addressed.

The question with some of the most audience responses was, “What is the importance of discussing gender in today’s society?” 

“I think in some areas we see discrimination or prejudice against transgender individuals or things of that nature,” said Mitchell Zufelt, a sophomore economics major, “and so discussing it is really important because we want to build bridges of understanding so that people aren’t unfairly judged.”

If you would like to take place in future debates on topics like these, Pizza and Politics is held every Wednesday at 12 p.m. in ST 112.

Story by: Morgan Crookston
Photo courtesy of: Morgan Crookston