Jon Yerby Performs a High Caliber Classical Guitar Concert Amid Al Farrow’s Art

Many audience members were mesmerized as Jon Yerby performed beautiful classical guitar music last Tuesday, Oct. 3 at the Southern Utah Museum of Art surrounded by Al Farrow’s exhibit, “Wrath and Reverence.” 

Yerby performed selections inspired by Farrow’s harrowing sculptural exhibit that features holy structures of varying religions made out of weapons of war. Many of the pieces performed by Yerby held Latin or Hispanic connections as he showcased his talent with his guitar. 

“This is my first official performance in Cedar City,” said Yerby. “I really wanted to tie into this exhibit, this amazing exhibit that we have here at SUMA.”

All selections performed by Yerby were inspired by sacred spaces. The selections consisted of “Fantasia Sevillana” by Joaquin Turina, “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” and “Capricho Arabe” by Francisco Tarrega, “La Catedral’” by Agustin Barrios and “Koyunbaba” by Carlo Domeniconi. 

Yerby praised the exhibit throughout his performance, stating that he found the concept of Wrath and Reverence to be centered around place and he aspired to find selections of music that created that same sense of atmosphere. He particularly emphasized “La Catedral” by Barrios as a piece that created this sense of standing in a holy structure and then moving out into the streets of Latin America.

For many, this is an introduction to classical guitar and some of the notable composers within the sub-genre of music. 

“That’s the nature of classical guitar,” said Yerby. “It’s an even smaller part of the regular classical.”

Before performing his final piece, “Koyunbaba,” there was a brief intermission. This allowed audience members to explore Farrow’s exhibit at SUMA.

Upon completion of his concert, Yerby decided to treat his audience with a surprise performance of “Amazing Grace,” using a bullet as a pick to further accentuate the inspiration of Farrow’s exhibit.

Story and Photos by: Alex Greenwell