LaMont Leavitt: Why Create Something New?

SUU’s Entrepreneurship Speaker Series welcomed LaMont Leavitt owner of Innoventrum on April 10. Leavitt worked in information systems and computer technology for over 30 years before starting his own company.

Innoventrum is a collection of services that assist in tracking finances, keeping up with government mandates, and billing supplies needed in the healthcare industry.

Leavitt spoke of his past and how he used his mistakes to get him to where he is.  The lessons he learned throughout his life were based off of opportunities that presented themselves.

“All the time you hear about people making money through gold. Whenever industries change or things change, you be aware there’s gonna be room for people to make money. It wasn’t so much people digging for gold,” Leavitt argued. “It was people selling pans, pits, axes, shovels and all the supplies that go with it. The people that saw the opportunity of the Gold Rush saw that and those are the guys that made money.”

In his experience, he capitalized on ever-changing government rules to create a system for healthcare providers to keep up-to-date. His team noticed there was no current system for government mandates which became their opportunity to seize.

Leavitt provided students with advice for their own business adventures that he had already learned on his adventure. The information ranged from being smart about which opportunities to chase, and how to hire employees. However, Leavitt reminded students to be bold about their business endeavors. As a business owner, the power is in their hands to control how the company runs.

“You can look at different ways to do business. You don’t have to do it like everybody else. You create a culture that you want to create. That’s the great thing about having your own business. You decide how you want to work.”

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

Story by Tomas D’Anella 
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Dimond