Pizza and Politics: Electoral College & Two Party System

SUU’s Center for Politics and Public Service hosted the weekly Pizza and Politics event on April 3. This week the discussion focused on the electoral college and the party system in America.

The moderators provided various questions, new ideas and the pros and cons of the aspects being discussed. This included introducing “rank-voting,” briefly discussing other electoral practices of the world, asking students opinions on the current system and more.

Serena Woodhouse, a senior economics major, moderated the event, and said, “I do think the electoral college has some problems that people are talking about,” when prompted on how she approached preparing for the event.

Throughout the discussion, moderators provided different prompts and information to contextualize and further the conversation. Students were all given an equal opportunity to voice their thoughts on issues and have a conversation about them.

Many of the students in attendance voiced concerns over topics such as whether the electoral college properly represented the country, election campaigns prioritizing swing-states and whether or not third-party candidates can realistically win elections under the current system.

Cynthia Hawk, a junior majoring in political science, said, “I was really happy to see [the discussion] well balanced and giving a voice to that third party.”

Pizza and Politics is held every week at noon on Wednesdays in the Leavitt Center.

Story by Alex Shilling
Photo Credit: Christopher Dimond