SUU’s 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program: FAQ

SUU has proposed a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program that could possibly require the academic calendar shifting to a trimester system. The proposed change has sparked mixed feelings across the campus.Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the program:

When would the calendar change take place?

The process is still tentative as President Wyatt, faculty and staff continue to explore the logistics of the proposal. However, the proposed change could be implemented as early as January 2020.

When will we know for sure whether or not the calendar will be changed?

President Wyatt is hoping to have an official decision announced before the end of the current school year.

How long would each semester be?

Fall semester would take place from the second week of September through the middle of December. Winter semester would run from the second week of January to mid-April. Spring semester would start the last week of April and end sometime before July 24.

Will I have to attend all three semesters?

No. President Wyatt stated, “Students will not be required to go to school in the summer. It will always be optional.”Students will be able to select which semesters they enroll in. Whether they want to attend Fall and Winter and take the Spring semester off or attend Winter and Spring and take the Fall off or any other variation is up to the individual students.

How will scholarships be affected?

A four-year scholarship would be replaced by an eight-semester scholarship that students can spend at their convenience.

Can I still get Financial Aid?

Yes. Students will be able to obtain their necessary Pell grants and loans regardless of which semesters they attend SUU.

What happens to Spring Break and Summer Break?

Spring Break would take place sometime during March, as normal. Summer break would be from the last week of July until the second week of September, for those students that participate in the Spring semester.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program, submit your feedback at

Aaron Peterson for SUU News
Photo Courtesy of SUU Strategic Communications