Un/pitched Metamorphosis Concert

The Department of Music at SUU hosted Lindsey Eastham, percussionist with the un/pitched Metamorphosis Project, Saturday, March 30, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. in Thorley Recital Hall of the SUU Music Building.

The Metamorphosis Project is aimed at examining the remarkable dynamic between the composer, the performer, and the instrument. By commissioning and presenting four new works for solo vibraphone and auxiliary percussion instruments, the Metamorphosis Project highlights each composer’s unique voice by employing the same instrumentation throughout the entire program, allowing an evolution of possibilities to unfold in the hands of the performer and their instruments.

With un/pitched, Eastham commissioned and performed six new percussion trio pieces. As a part of the Metamorphosis Project, she debuted four new vibraphone solos to audiences across the United States.

Tonight, after she and her partner introduced themselves, she performed four programs: Playchest (I-IV), Hevel, Fields of Focus and Tinctures. All works on today’s program were commissioned by the 2019 un/pitched Metamorphosis Project.

Her performances used basic percussion instruments, including marimba, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, etc. But the style is completely different. Most of the songs she played tonight were slower and the sound was very ethereal. When she performed Hevel, in the beginning, she shot the bass drum with her hand and said some words at the same time. The rhythm is slower and the sound is lower. The second and fourth parts of Playchest are livelier, and used more snare drums. Most of the rest use marimba and cymbals.

After the performance is over, the audience can purchase the scores of the four shows played tonight. For $15 each, if you buy four, the total is $50.


Story by: Jie Fu
Photo by: Jie Fu