Kary Smith: Anything is Possible

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series hosted Kary Smith on March 26th. Smith, an SUU alumnus, shared his experience of creating, selling and buying businesses located here in Southern Utah.

Smith is a founding partner of TouchMD, a medical solutions company based here in Cedar City, and has over 25 years of professional experience.

Despite having such a prestigious career, Smith want to reiterate to SUU students that the sky ‘s the limit.

“Guess what? I am one of you,” said Smith. “I am an SUU alum… I meet with executives of fortune 500 companies all the time and I stand my ground with my SUU diploma with the Harvard and Yale guys. Anything is possible.”

Smith also emphasized the importance of having a mentor. His mentor is Frank Johnson, his father-in-law, who ran successful businesses in Las Vegas.

“I owe him a lot…Great mentors are great sources of information and they help you from making a lot of mistakes in your journey,” said Smith. “It is important that you find older people that have experience that can help you along your journey and not be shy about.”

Although the path of entrepreneurship has not always been the easiest for Smith, he has learned a lot and now passses on that knowledge to SUU students. And now helps students follow their dreams to start their own businesses.

“Now I am in the category helping mentor students here at the ELC, I am very excited to be able to do that,” said Smith.

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

Story by Cassidy Harmon
Photo Courtesy: Christopher Dimond