SUUSA and SPB Election Results

The election results are as followed:

Executive Council (EC):

Study Body President

Jeff Carr- 856

Payton Raddon- 618

Vice President of Academics

Brandon Payne- 1366

None- 130

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations

Austin Johnson- 791

McCall Tingey- 741

Vice President of Finance

Andrew Clemons- 853

Tyler Haroldson- 612

Student Programming Board President

Alexis Hacking- 1354

None- 134



Senator: College of Science and Engineering

Samuel Stewart- 383

None- 0

Senator College of Education and Human Development

Kaylee Gerlach- 178


Senator: College of Performing and Visual Arts

Billy Clouse- 87

Isabella Giordano- 73

Senator: School of Business

Ashley Wardle- 200

Mitchell Condie- 92

Senator: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tanner Vario- 297

None- 30

Senator: Graduate Student

Emily Reed- 30

Caleb Paulson-12

Senator: Upper Division

Nouman Kante- 1440

None- 72

Senator: Lower Division

Jordan Henson- 825

Jared Badger- 625

Senator: Integrated and Engaged Learning

Brooklyn Whitney- 69

Andrew Lloyd- 34

Story by: Cassidy Harmon
Photo Credit: Christopher Dimond