Show a Little Love for Shakespeare

Shakespeare captured our hearts at young ages with his tales of romance, tragedy and comedy in his plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and A MidSummer Night’s Dream. But one play that is unfortunately often overlooked is The Winter’s Tale.

William Cowser, a junior studying Theatre Arts from Kaysville Utah, directed the SUU Second Studio’s rendition of The Winter’s Tale to help remind the audience why this play is an essential part of Shakespeare’s collection.    

A Winter’s Tale is different from Shakespeare’s other plays because it isn’t just romance, tragedy or comedy but a combination of all three. There is truly something in this play for everyone to enjoy.

This was Cowser’s first time directing a full-length Shakespeare play. Although he was nervous to take on the challenge, with a cast of 12 student actors, the show was overall nicely done.

“[My] first show being a Shakespeare was scary, but a lot of my actors have experience and Shakespeare has been around long enough for a reason, so it’s hard to it wrong.”

Cowser used his role as director to add a modern twist to the classic play.

“It is a very different version,” said Cowser. “I am really hoping people first and foremost recognize this as really beautiful poetry. And that why we love Shakespeare.”

Unlike the classic Shakespeare plots we all know and love, A Winter’s Tale leaves the audience with a feeling of wholeness.

“This play is uniquely about redemption,” said Cowser. “This [play] is kind of a singular play that Shakespeare wrote that ends happy. Everybody loves a happy ending and I think this play is more realistic, in that sense, than any of his others [because] people can forgive each other.”

SUU Second Studio presentation of The Winter’s Tale left the audience will laughter in their voices and a smile on their face.

The Winter’s Tale will be open to the public until Feb 25 in the Black Box. For more information on upcoming events visit here.


Story by: Cassidy Harmon
Photo by: Olivia Sham