Information Technology Entrepreneur Visits SUU

CEDAR CITY, UT — On Nov. 13, Gunther E. Branham Information technology (I.T.) manager spoke for the Entrepreneurship series.

Branham has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, worked with USAF Space Defense Center, was a software developer and has dabbled in many other things.

Currently working as an I.T. Manager, Branham strives to live by these two quotes:

“You don’t have to do everything yourself,” and “there is treasure everywhere.”

He translates these by stating that It is okay to delegate things, and hire other companies who specialize in particular areas to do it for you.  

He also says that no matter where you are in life, what you are currently working on, there are opportunities surrounding you.

Branham suggests that current and upcoming entrepreneur’s should look at existing business’ and innovate ways to make them better.

He also suggests looking at centralized needs and specialize in them,so that larger companies can hire you.

Branham talked about Backoffice Associates, which is a company that specializes in converting date from old systems to new ones.

“Technology is rapidly growing. In order for a company to remain successful, they need to be adaptable.” Branham stressed. “They need to be reinventing and coming up with new ideas.”

“I thought what he said about being a disruptor was really cool,” Kylee Wharton, a marketing sophomore said. “We have to do things in different ways, go against the norm.”  

Branham spoke about sources of wealth, which include: land, capital, and ideas. He emphasized that ideas, knowledge and the ability to deliver on those ideas is becoming more and more sought after. Anyone can have a good idea, but learning how to deliver on that idea is the challenge.

“I thought it was cool that he is a physics major, but he went into business and was really successful,” Mitchell Zufelt, a freshman english major said. “It shows that there are lots of opportunities for us.”

You can learn more about the entrepreneurship speaker series here.

Story by: Robin Nelson
Photo by: Robin Nelson