A Literary Opportunity

The Kolob Canyon Review is a Literary Journal featuring the creative works of students, faculty, and alumni of Southern Utah University.

For the past two and a half decades, the Kolob Canyon Review has given SUU’s up-and-coming writers an opportunity to get a published work under their belt, which is not an easy feat in the highly competitive industry of fiction and poetry. That first publication can open doors to more.

The journal started as a project for an editorial class and has since grown and combined forces with visual arts and graphic design students to increase the quality of the publication. Everything, from the selected works to the formatting and design, is done by students.  

“For students to submit to KCR is a great opportunity for them to gain confidence in their work,” said Dr. Wynne Summer, former faculty advisor for the KCR. “If they see that they can be published here, then they will be more confident to submit their short story or photograph somewhere else. It helps them get their foot in the door.”

The KCR’s mission is to discover and nurture new literary and visual artist and to provide a forum for publishing and presenting their work to the public.

Dr. Kelly Ferguson the current faculty advisor for the KCR said, “We love to discover new writers and artists. For many students, the Kolob Canyon Review is their first professional publication, and we’re excited to provide this opportunity.”

The KCR is manned and operated by current students at SUU, giving undergraduate students the opportunity to edit, design and distribute a peer-reviewed literary journal in collaboration with faculty and students from multiple disciplines.

For many students, working and contributing to the KCR is their first experience in the world of publishing. As a former KCR editor, I gained valuable insight into the process and behind-the-scenes workings of a publishing company. Now I know what happens when I send my work off to be considered for publication.

Now in its 26th year, the student-produced publication continues to improve in both the quality and number of submissions as a credit to the hard work of the students at SUU.

The KCR is currently soliciting writing submissions for its upcoming spring publication, inviting all current SUU students, across all majors, as well as alumni to submit their work for consideration. The submission deadline is Nov. 1, all submissions must be in before the clock strikes 12 in order to be considered!

All works should be emailed in a single word document to kolobcanyonreview@gmail.com. No names should be included on the document but in the email subject line only. Include a short bio in the body of the email in case your submission is selected for publication.


Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
Photo by: Haleigh Clemens