Indoor Farming Entrepreneur Visits SUU

CEDAR CITY, Utah — Entrepreneur Jon Black spoke on SUU campus. Black has been a part of many different companies and attempted to start some of his own such as Terillion, before starting his current company Groviv. Groviv specializes in indoor farming and much more.

Groviv’s motto, and Black’s vision for the company, is to “Feed and Nourish the World” by continuously perfecting indoor farming technology.

Black hopes to truly accomplish the vision he has for this company. They’ve already made many leaps with indoor farming technology. Some of these including taking lights that burned too hot, and creating  lights that are almost cool to the touch.

With normal germination taking five days, Groviv’s created germination which that takes place in a mere 18 hours. The company has grown, and continues to work towards creating “fully automated farms that will feed and nourish the world.”

“I thought it was really interesting,” Lulu Ress, a business major and freshman in attendance, said.”It was surprising actually that his company is indoor farming. It is shocking how they have cut the time in half, honestly it’s phenomenal.” Black hasn’t always been so successful though. His biggest, most expensive failure was Terillion. About that, he simply said: “You learn from failure.”  He jokingly added, “I learned I need to fail faster.”

Black advised the students in attendance to read “The Zigzag Principle” by Rich Christiansen and to find their ‘event’ or skill and then surround themselves with what they lack. He further advised them to remember the formula P=R-C, which is Profit=Revenue-Cost.

Black and his wife were given a T-bird trophy as a thanks for making the trip and sharing their experiences with the students here at SUU.

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Story by: Robin Nelson
Photo by: Robin Nelson