Jenny Wilson: Meet and Greet, plus Radio Interview

Councilwoman Jenny Wilson held a meet and greet with SUU students and community members at the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service on Oct. 10. This was following the Utah Senate Debate between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Democratic candidate Jenny Wilson, that was hosted by Southern Utah University,

The meet and greet with Democratic candidate Councilwoman Wilson was much more of an informal affair compared to the Utah senate debate of the previous night.

Students and community members were able to sit down in a more intimate environment and listen to Wilson go over some points from the debate.

Wilson also took the opportunity to further clarify and expand upon the answers given and her beliefs which she was able to express over the course of the debate.

Over the course of the meet and greet, Councilwoman Wilson discussed that loans for the purpose of pursuing a higher education should be made more readily available to citizens of Utah. Also, the burden of such loans should be lessened by the individuals who do take them out.

Councilwoman Wilson also discussed what she hopes to see implemented as a measure to bring down the number of sexual assault, rape and other crimes of sexual violence. She hopes to implement this by requiring more training at the base level for law enforcement.

This way an individual who is faced with a situation of sexual or domestic violence feels confident that they have somewhere to go where the crime will be taken seriously.

Elliot Ramirez, a junior political science major from Pleasant Grove was able to attend the meet and greet and enjoyed her time listening to Councilwoman Wilsons.

“Jenny was not only able to come and speak her mind, but to ease ours and address issue that are personal to us,” said Ramirez. “She’s made the effort to reach out to us as individuals and not just reach out to members of her own party.”

Remember to register, and then go out and make your voice heard by casting your vote for Utah Senate on Nov. 6.

Story by: Carlee Jo Blumenthal
Photo by: Easton Bowring

Radio Interview

Interview by: Jadon Lamphear 
Video by: Kurt Meachem