Homecoming Ends in Silence

Students flocked to the Sharwan Smith Student Center ballroom for the Headphone Dance Saturday, Oct. 14, immediately following the Thunderbird’s decisive victory over Sacramento State in the homecoming football game.

The event was organized by the SUU Student Programing Board (SPB), under the direction of Payton Raddon, a sophomore event director. Two DJ’s based out of Las Vegas broadcast their own separate playlists via radio transmission to the headphones, with a third channel synced to a local radio station.

“The school has done the headphone dance for three or four years and it’s just been successful everytime” Raddon said.

This year’s dance seemed as popular as ever, as students waited up to 20 minutes to receive a pair of headphones. Though the SPB ordered 300 pairs, Raddon estimated at least 100-150 students were waiting to enter the dance, which lasted only two hours.

Megan Brown, a senior Hospitality major, said the headphone dance is a favorite event and has gone to the event both years she’s attended SUU.

“The coolest part about this dance is that it’s individual, so if you like one song, you’re dancing to one song, and if you’re feeling the the other then you’re feeling the other,” Brown said.

The concept of the headphone dance originated in Europe in the late 90’s, and is sometimes referred to as “Silent Disco” or “Quiet Clubbing,” and found its way to the United States shortly after where it has increased in popularity with technological advancements of the past two decades.

The effect is a room full of people dancing to no music.

“You see weirdos and you’re like ‘What the heck are they dancing to?’ But then you just want to get in on the weird fun,” Brown commented.

Radon estimated between 500 and 600 students attended the event.

To view upcoming SPB events, follow their instagram here or check out the online schedule.

Story by: Reyce Knutsen
Photo by: Reyce Knutsen