SUUSA Senate Meeting 10/02

The Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA) held their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2 to go over current campus issues.

SUUSA President D’Mia Lamar continues to attend seminars focused on campus safety and sexual assault. Student body presidents from each school in Utah meet once a month to discuss several topics of concern. The next seminar will be held on Friday, Oct. 2, at the University of Utah.

The representation and inclusion initiative was passed unanimously today. The motion ensures that cultural themed school events will get approval from members of the given culture.

“We want to include people who are in that culture who can say what is good, bad, right or wrong,” Lamar said.

A possible Chicago field trip for SUU theatre students was announced. The funding for the trip will be discussed by SUUSA at a later date.

Course evaluations are now available on SUU Portals. Student feedback is encouraged so professors can take note and best adjust accordingly.

For those interested in becoming more involved on campus, SUUSA Senate meetings are held every Tuesday in the Sterling Church Auditorium at 11:30 a.m.

Story by: Aaron Peterson
Photo by: SUUSA