Pizza and Politics: Space Force

The Leavitt Center was buzzing this week during Pizza and Politics where the topic was the Space Force.

Most of the conversation revolved around the military and their presence in space. Students stated that the military should use space as a type of cyber defense. Others brought up ideas of a possible second cold war starting up again.

These ideas brought up the questions of it the Space Force would be its own branch in the military or department in the Air Force. And if that was to happen, who would spearhead the new branch? Congress or the Department of Defense?

“It could be a gain for our military to add another branch if it could be accessible to every country,” said Angelica Valencia, a freshman in Political Science from Cedar City. “Then making it a part of the military would open up the opportunity for other countries to fund the program and [in return] have the chance to explore space.”

While many students go into Pizza and Politics with an opinion, many students go to learn more about the topic.

“I am interested in the topic because I don’t know enough about it so I’m more interested in learning more [about the Space Force].” Tyler Barber, a senior in French Education from West Valley.

Pizza and Politics is held every Wednesday at noon in the Leavitt Center. Next week’s topic will be LGBTQ repoductive rights.

Story by: Cairo Cook
Photos by: Cairo Cook