Delightful Treat on a Mountain Retreat

Sometimes certain food is most enjoyed in a specific setting, and nothing says “gimme s’mores” like a spontaneous camping trip. It was my pleasure to grab my gear and head into the wilderness with some friends to test a tantalizing twist on the classic s’mores recipe.

According to the 90’s cult classic “The Sandlot”, a traditional s’more is a roasted ‘mallo sandwiched between chocolate and graham cracker squares. But fate called me to try something new. The recipe we found called for an ice cream cone filled with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Our small caravan of two cars drove up Cedar Canyon Friday Sept. 14, not quite sure of our destination but with the confidence that we would know it when we saw it.

We found ourselves just a short walking distance from Bowers Cave near Mammoth creek. It wasn’t too long before we set up camp. We built ourselves a nice little fire, and with the coals burning down to a soft white glow, we were ready to bring on the s’mores.


Our first attempt was comical. We had waffle cones loaded with premium Ghirardelli chocolate chips and mini marshmallows all wrapped in tin foil ready to get toasty. However, we got caught up in the revelry of our company and left them on the coals for a bit too long, and the end result was a little crispy.

Round two fared much better, as we let the foil-wrapped cones sit for about two minutes, before rotating to the other side for another 90 seconds. The perfectly toasted cones emerged with decadent chocolate and marshmallow gently oozing from the center as we bit into them. The optional butterscotch also greatly enhanced the overall flavor.

We took another liberty by putting mini Reese’s cups in the bottom of the cone. By layering chocolate at the bottom, then marshmallow topped with more chocolate chips at the top, we discovered a simple, well-proportioned campfire treat that certainly won’t disappoint.

Other interested campers can test the snack out for themselves. The full recipe is found at

Story By: Reyce Knutson
Photo By: Reyce Knutson