SUUSA Senate Meeting 09/18

The Southern Utah University Student Association Senate met for their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18, to go over current issues relating to Southern Utah University.

A proposal to move the student section from half-court to the baseline at basketball games headlined the meeting. The purpose for the relocation is to give the teams a competitive advantage. In addition, the move would theoretically free up additional seating for the general public.

Some Senate members were concerned that the move could hinder the goals of the cheer and dance teams. Other members worried that students might not be too happy with the new spot.

SUUSA decided to table the discussion for one week before re-visiting the issue. This will allow the Senate to gather opinions from its constituents prior to reaching a verdict.

“Our main concern is always what’s best for the students,” SUUSA President D’Mia Lamar said.

The student section conversation has been going on for about three years. The athletic department could have forced the issue, but felt it important to get the blessing of the student body.

“It is really awesome that we have a department and school that cares about what students have to say,” Lamar said.

SUUSA Senate members also reported on meetings about sexual assault and campus safety that they have attended.

Topics including Club funding, linking surveys for student input and budgeting for student trips were also briefly addressed.

For those interested in becoming more involved on campus, SUUSA Senate meetings are held every Tuesday in the Sterling Church Auditorium at 11:30 a.m.

Story by: Aaron Peterson for SUU News
Photo by: SUUSA