Benefits of Adopting a Pet

One of the most important milestones that every college student dreams about is getting a pet of their own. Be it a cat, dog, or even a tiny little goldfish, the thought of having something adorable who loves you is the ultimate fantasy. While many people go straight to a breeder, pet store, or friend for the pet of their choice there is a better path; adopting.

Many animals get left behind in shelters and adoption agencies around the world every day, but giving your new best friend a second chance is the best way to gain lifelong love.

When my roommates and I  adopted our kitten Luna we knew that being together was meant to be. Having an animal as part of our little family really brought us closer together and gave us something to look forward to when we came home from work or class. Luna was able to become a great friend to talk to when any of us got lonely or bored and gave us plenty of exercise chasing her around the apartment every night before we went to bed. By adopting Luna we were able to save her from a life on the streets or from living in a shelter for part of her life. The cat that she became was very different from the little baby that we rescued. She became more sociable to the point of wanting to visit everyone all the time. Luna became bolder as she got older because she knew that whatever she did we would still love her at the end of the day.

Studies show that adopting a pet can be seriously beneficial to both your life and the life of your pet. So here is a list of the many benefits a pet can bring.

Top 10 Benefits of Adopting a Pet:

1, By adopting an animal from a shelter you not only help that animal but you help make way for new ones who need to find forever homes as well.

2.  Having an animal to take care of can grant you more purpose in life. It has been proven to help with depression, stress, anxiety and overall mental health.

3. Having an animal can help with trauma and aid in soothing PTSD.

4. Animals help prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol just by being around you.

5. An animal, especially one who enjoys the outdoors, is an excellent work out buddy. Taking those walks every day help build up your fitness as well as theirs.

6. You’ll make more friends. Have you ever found yourself more comfortable approaching someone with an animal? There’s a reason. Animals break the tension between people and studies show that 40% of “pet parents” are more likely to make new friends in their area than those without.

7. Having an animal creates structure and responsibility to any home.

8. If you have kids or one day want kids, having a pet can assist in the overall development of social skills and self-confidence.

9. If you adopt an animal you get your choice of any age. Some people are better with older better-trained animals who need love just as much as babies.

10. No matter what happens, they will always be there for you.

Story by: Bayleigh Dyer for SUU News

Photo by:  Christin Hume on Unsplash