Spring Break: Is It Just a Cliche?

Spring break: the one time of year to really let loose, party with your friends and try to forget about all the homework you are procrastinating, right? Or is that just what media has told us to do? Do we feel like we have to go to a beach somewhere and dance all night until the sun rises?

After conducting an informal survey with my current college-age friends on Facebook, this is what they had to say.

The questions I asked them was, “What are your expectations of spring break (what do you usually picture in your mind when you think of spring break) vs. the reality of what you end up doing for spring break?”

Most of the answers I received were somewhat predictable. Chase Leavitt, a senior in marketing responded by saying, “Expectations: beach, food, friends, warm weather. Reality: poor, visit family, work.”

Leavitt expects to spend spring break in the sun somewhere warm but will be working instead.

“I think spring break is often thought of as a time to go on trips and adventures, particularly somewhere warm,”  Amele Zappitello, a recent graduate of Utah State University said. “One of my favorite things to do toward the end of my college experience, though, was just sleeping over spring break!”

Once again, Zappitello expected to go out and adventure but her reality was quite different.

One answer I found interesting was from Ange Hope, a current student here at Southern Utah University. She said, “Expectations: getting ahead on a final paper/project. Reality: watching all 8 seasons of Psych.”

Her answer had nothing to do with the beach, but she had the expectation to do homework with the reality of watching Netflix.

Now I have to tell you a little story. If you would have asked me two weeks ago what I was doing for spring break I would have told you I was going to stay in Cedar and work (not exciting at all). But then, last week while I was doing homework late at the office, surrounded by my three best girlfriends, we decided to go and a spontaneous cruise to Mexico.

I will be living the cliche spring break and I am not even slightly ashamed of it. In fact, all I can think about it sitting by the pool getting tan and then dancing the night away, feeling like those “cool” girls on MTV.

Maybe the media does shape the way college students view spring break. But maybe it’s because the people on the media were once our age and they know that we all just need a week to forget about our responsibilities, be free and have fun with our friends.

Honestly, I do think having spring break on a beach is somewhat cliche, but this year I plan on living that cliche to the fullest.

Story By
Cassidy Harmon

Photo By
Auskteez Tran for SUU News