An In-Depth Look at the SUU Tutoring Center

Need help with a concept or just someone to help you with time management? The SUU Tutoring Center is here to help with every academic study need.

Located in the Electronic Learning Center and open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Fridays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the mission statement of the tutoring center is, “The Tutoring Center helps to retain and graduate students by providing peer-to-peer academic assistance through one-on-one, walk-in and small group tutoring.”

This year also implemented academic coaching, which are fifty-minute sessions focusing on certain study skills: note-taking, time management, study tips, instead of a specific subject.

“The Tutoring Center offers students a place to practice their subject, make mistakes, and learn from them before it is time to earn a grade … tutoring allows for more time for individualized learning and students can receive personalized assistance and feedback,” said Toni Sage, SUU Director of Student Success.

So how are these peers qualified to help?  

Kaden Cox, a junior from South Weber majoring in Spanish and minoring in chemistry tutors History 1700, but also helps with chemistry, biology and Spanish. He explained how he became qualified to tutor:

“I was qualified to tutor by teacher recommendation, A’s in those classes and an interview.”

The tutoring center is there not just to inform, but to also inspire.

Sage said, “Sometimes after working with a tutor, students have an improved attitude towards the subject matter and school in general. Tutors bring enthusiasm to a subject that can be contagious. At the least, it leaves students with a greater curiosity or appreciation for the subject.”

This statement was further punctuated by Cox who said:

“A favorite experience was at the end of last semester after I had helped a person quite a bit with history, I found out that they had improved to one of the top scores on the final. Whenever we hear things like that it makes us realize we are truly helping.”

When asked why she uses the tutoring center on a regular basis, Desmyn Woolstenhulme, a junior from Oakley majoring in agriculture science and industries and minoring in management said:

“The tutoring center has been such an amazing resource for me throughout my schooling. I love knowing I have a place to go when I need a little extra help on concepts I can’t understand on my own.”

Walk-in tutoring sessions are free as well as group sessions. One-on-one coaching is $10 for ongoing 50-minute appointments with the same tutor.

For more information, visit the  Tutoring and Learning Assistance website.

Story by
Savannah Palmer for SUU News

Photo by
JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
for SUU News