Letter To the Editor: UNNECESSARY EDGE

The EDGE project is an unnecessary class, and workload added onto the Southern Utah University student. I understand the concept of the value of hard work and trying to give students the upper hand in “the real world”. However, the EDGE Project is not the most effective way to help students grow and progress. While the EDGE project is formulated to give Southern Utah University students an advantage the program is not anything different or special than any other university. In fact, programs on campus already do something that has the same purpose as the EDGE Program. Large papers, or individual projects done in classes with the intent of giving the student something to show in interviews, or portfolios compiled from students work in class fulfil the purpose and intention of the EDGE Project.  

Another concern with the EDGE Program is the fate of students who already have good job experience on their resumes. Those students who have experience in management, or who have been supervising at their jobs before school. Why should those students with experience be required to take and pay for 3 credits that could possibly not benefit them in the future?  

The issue of transfer students fate is also concerning in conjunction with the EDGE Project. Transfer students are thrown into this concept with no preparation, they are behind students who started at SUU and they have less time to formulate this project that their future supposedly hangs on.  

The biggest concern I have with the EDGE Project is the financial inconvenience. Students are paying the school to take these classes and do this project that they may not even want to do. The EDGE Project feels like a way for the university to make some spare money on the side.  

If the university really wanted to help their students progress they would get rid of the EDGE program and focus of classes. If the university asked department heads to make a project or requirement specific to the major of the students, that could be built in with the already required classes that would be more beneficial.  

The university should find a way to modify the EDGE Project program or remove it entirely. If there was proof of this program benefiting all the students who completed it there would possibly be less of an issue, that is not the case. It is the responsibility of Southern Utah University to modify, fix, or remove this program for the benefit of current and future students.

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Submitted By
Madison Carter, SUU Student

Photo By
Carlee Jo Blumenthal