SUUSA Elections: Run While You Can

From Feb. 26 to March 6, SUU students have the chance to vote new SUUSA representatives into office. Candidacy Declaration forms for those wishing to run are due by Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. in ST 177.

“So far, we have a rough number of about six or seven people (running). Hopefully, we’ll get more people throughout the day,” Brandon Taylor, a sophomore political science major from Las Vegas and Election Council member said.

Likely running for Vice President of Clubs and Organization is Nile Jotanis Christopher Sean Miller, a freshman biology major from Santa Cruz, California.

“I’ve seen all the people who work here, and, honestly, they do such a great job with all of the events. They also make it a very nice experience to go to college here,” Miller said. “… I was actually looking around at all of these different colleges. My sister went [to SUU] and she told me that the experience here was just really, really great. And I feel like this is a major reason why SUU is such a great school, and I would love to be a part of that.”

Miller said that if elected he’ll feel like he would try to inform people better about all the resources T-Birds have on campus.

Anyone who wants to run is required to attend two further meetings for more information about the election process. If only one person runs for a position, they will automatically win the election.

“Get involved with the process, whether it’s running for a position and getting (your) voice heard and representing (your) fellow students,” Taylor said. “Or going and voting for people who have similar interests to you, and who you think will best represent you.”

Story by
Matthew House for SUU News

Photo for SUU News by
Brandon Day on Unsplash