SUUSA Senate: 2/1/2018

On Thursday morning, the SUUSA Senate convened for their regular 11:30 a.m. meeting in the Sterling R. Church Auditorium of the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

The meeting began with executive reports, first with SUUSA President Hayden Carroll thanking those who came to the Higher Education Day and announcing to Senate there would be a student fees recommendation committee panel taking place the following day in the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service at noon.

Also, Vice President of Academics Parker Hess requested the Senate members to check My SUU Voice more frequently and announced he would be presenting the new Midterm Grading Policy to the President’s Council the following week and asked for volunteers to join him.

The Senate skipped Representative reports for time purposes, the Senators gave brief reiterations of the previous week’s reports, and the Senate then began into new business.

The Golden Key Honor Society brought the first funding request. They have been on the agenda the past two weeks and have been postponed twice. The Honor Society requested funds to attend a leadership conference in Denver. The Senate funded them $600.00 with two dissenting votes for airfare and hotel costs.

Next, the National Association for Music Educators (NAFME), which is also the music club, requested funds for 29 students to attend the Utah Band Masters Conference (UBMC) in St. George. They will be driving and returning each night. The Senate funded them $440.00 with two dissenting votes.

Seth Barton, a member of a local organization called Outdoor Solutions, asked Senate for support during an outdoor competition, in which users vote on outdoor ideas and the winner is given prize money upwards of $30,000. Barton asked the Senate to spread the word to students to help vote on his video, which has his organization’s name, Outdoor Solutions, in the thumbnail.

Next, Hess asked the Senate for a vote on the language used in the Midterm Grade Policy and if the current language used should be presented to the President’s Council. After a unanimous vote, the Senate signed the resolution, and Hess will take it to the President’s Council next week.

The Hockey Club then requested funds for a game against Utah Valley University (UVU) for $400.00 for the ice rink rental fee and the referee fee. The funding request passed with three abstentions.

The Philosophy Club then requested funds to travel to San Diego for a philosophy conference. The finance committee recommended $816.00 for airfare and hotel stays, and each member attending the conference has committed to pay $300.00 out of pocket. The funding request passed with two dissenting votes and one abstention.

Next, the fraternity Chi Phi requested funds for 14 students to travel to Tempi, AZ, for a leadership conference. The finance committee recommended $600.00. The eligible amount was initially much higher, and Upper Division Senator Jeremy Osborne moved to fund the fraternity over $900.00 due to the previous funding requests receiving 80 percent of their eligibility, although this was not accurate.

Vice President of Finances D’Mia Lamar said the recommended amount was $600.00 because the organization only requested $610.00, and Osborne withdrew his motion and the $600.00 passed with one abstention.

The final item of business was a funding request by the American College of Dance Association to travel to the University of Colorado for a conference with several other colleges. However, due to misinformation on previous funding given to the organization, which affects funding recommendations, the Senate tabled the request until the following meeting.

The Senate then adjourned.

Story By
Andrew Leavitt