Keeping it in the Family

Some siblings seem to have a musical streak amongst them, while others might have the ability to make fine art. The Measom brothers happen to have a affinity for playing wide receiver.

Oldest brother Brooks Measom, middle brother Brady Measom and youngest brother Landen Measom from South Jordan have all taken up the position. While Brooks Measom did not play collegiately, Brady and Landen both found homes on the Thunderbirds’ football team.

“It’s just the position that kind of fits us I guess. It’s just where we’ve always been,” Landen said on their shared talent for the position.

Brady Measom came to SUU first, receiving his bachelor’s degree in accounting in the spring of 2017. He played 38 games over four seasons with the SUU, putting his career statistics at 1,364 yards receiving, 539 yards punt returns and 247 kick returns for a total of 2,150 offensive yards. Brady Measom also recorded six touchdowns during his career.

After graduating, Brady Measom decided to stay at SUU to complete his masters of accounting and work as a graduate assistant for the team.

“The program (has) done a lot for me, I thought I could maybe give a little back to them,” Brady Measom said. “I like being around the guys, and being part of the program.”

When he completes his masters, Brady Measom hopes to either coach football or go into accounting, but for now he’s happy watching his little brother play.

“It’s exciting, you know, I’m a big fan cheering him on obviously,” Brady Measom said. “Being on the sidelines, watching him have a lot of success, it’s cool to see.”

Photo by Easton Bowring for SUU News

Landen Measom, a sophomore engineering major, was a three time baseball and football state champion in high school, but said the path for football just opened up more naturally for him.

Landen Measom is starting off his first season very strong with the Thunderbirds. His offensive statistics showcase at 369 receiving yards, two touchdowns, 65 yards for kick returns, 153 yards for punt returns and his longest reception being 96 yards vs. Stephen F. Austin.

For Landen Measom, the transition between playing high school ball and college ball has been lot more work and more like a full time job than a hobby.

As for his career after SUU, he’s not sure what the future holds. But he does plan to, “… work as hard as I can at both of them, and do whatever I think is best at the time.”

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Story By
Haleigh Clemens

Featured Photo By
Easton Bowring for SUU News

CORRECTION: In the November edition of the University Journal Brady Measom’s offensive yards statistic was listed as his tackles statistic, and has been corrected for online publishing.