KSUU’s Guitars Unplugged at Bread and Soup Nite

KSUU Thunder 91.1 is hosting the station’s 16th annual Guitars Unplugged competition Nov. 6 from 5-7 p.m. during the monthly Bread and Soup Nite.

This year there are 10 SUU students and Cedar City community members competing to win a $1,000 value Canadian guitar donated by sponsor Whittlesticks. Contestants include: Michael Atwood, Kenny Russell, Benjamin Meacham, D. Brandon Prunty, Brennan Hansen, Levi Sutera, Chase Leavitt, Guillermo Garcia and Ian-Thomas Shelton.

Three prominent members of the Cedar City music community are set to judge the competition based on musicality and technique. One of the judges is Dave Scowron, the owner of Red Bear Trading, who makes hand-crafted picks for guitarists all over the world.

The styles of the contestants range from singer-songwriter and acoustic rock covers to original songs and ballads. In previous years, guitar players have won with music of all genres, so it is impossible to guess the winner based on the type of song they play.

“We love doing this to give SUU students and community members a chance to perform and also for them to share their music,” Cal Rollins, Manager of KSUU Thunder 91.1, said. “As well as to share non-perishable food with needy SUU students through the food pantry.”

Guitars Unplugged at Bread and Soup Nite is open to all SUU students, as well as members of the Cedar City community. The entry fee is a $1 donation in addition to one non-perishable food item.

Story By:
Matthew House