New Changes Coming to the Community Enrichment program in Spring

SUU is preparing to offer new opportunities to students and community members in the up-and-coming spring semester.

The Office of Community and Academic Enrichment was created in order to give academic opportunities to individuals in the community. Community members and people of southern Utah can engage with the university and its experts.

The office opens up the Capitol Reef field station and the Road Creek Inn to community members for rental, and to student groups for no charge.

Four programs start in the spring. These programs include: Community on the Go, Community Education, Community Professional Development and Summer University. Programs are aimed to explore personal interests and develop new skills.

The director of the newly created program, Melynda Thorpe, is looking forward to these programs.

“I’m excited about each program,” Thorpe said. “And together, they represent an exciting initiative to provide academic experiences and opportunities to residents of the region and local community”

Community on the Go was launched earlier this year, and offers adult community members opportunities to travel.

“Paired with academic experts, groups of 20 to 30 will have opportunities to travel to various parts of the world on SUU-led trips,” Thorpe said. “Trips to China, Normandy and London have been the first to launch in 2017. Next year, Community on the Go excursions include trips to Peru, Transylvania, and Germany.”

Community workshops, seminars and specialized classes start in the spring. The goal: to help young professionals with their marketability.

Story By 
William Robertson for SUU News