Thunderbird Women’s Tennis Makes History Sending Five Players to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Regionals

After a strong showing at the at the Weber State Invitational last weekend, the Southern Utah Women’s tennis team has high hopes going into the regional tournament this weekend. This is the first time any Southern Utah women’s tennis players have qualified for the the Intercollegiate Tennis Association regionals.

Of the eight players on the roster, five qualified for the regional tournament this week creating a new milestone for Southern Utah women’s tennis.

Charity Sagiao, Mikala Lowrance, Eira Tobrand, Daniela Cozzi, Ghita Nassik were the five to qualify after a solid performance at the Weber State Invitational last week from each of them.

“The team we played amazing this past weekend. The girls exceeded my expectations of where we should be right now. Their hard work is paying off. I couldn’t be more proud of the girls,” said head coach, Rose Ketmayura.

She continued, “We have 5 players going to regionals. It’s a big tournament with all of the big schools. It will be interesting to see how they perform in that type of environment.”

The best players and teams from the region will be gathered here at this tournament.

This will be a great opportunity for Thunderbird women’s tennis to proves themselves coming into the spring season.

Draws are still yet to be posted.

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