Leavitt Center: Where Political Science Can Take You

Savannah Palmer

On Thursday night, The Leavitt Center held an event entitled “Where Political Science Can Take You.” As the event was open to the public, all were welcomed to come and hear what SUU’s Attorney, Ann Marie Allen, Assistant Professors of Political Sciences Ravi Roy and Doug Bennett, and SUU Political Science Graduate Kaitlin Sorensen had to share about where the science can take you.

Each of these guest speakers had their own stories and backgrounds. Allen contributed that Political Science is a solid and wide background in many differing fields of further education or future careers, leading you to whatever you want to be.

Professor Roy said that political science is about making people’s lives better,and that by understanding politics and laws, you don’t become victim to it. He also stated that it’s all about making the system work better for yours and others lives. Roy ended his remarks on the point that, “… political science is an open invitation, a credit card if you will, to some of the most desired jobs in the United States like City Management and more.”

Kaitlin Sorensen spoke of her enjoyment within the social call and the social need of political science, saying that “…there are so many avenues to this degree, you’re not pigeonholed … political science is all about the people, and the ability to make both large and small scale change.”

Lastly, SUU’s Assistant Professor of Political Science and Chairman of the department Doug Bennett spoke to the group, ending his remarks by saying, “Political Science is the study of people. Your life is touched by politics from the moment you wake up, to the moment you die.”

If you are interested in or want more information about Political Science, you can find the  department located on campus in the General Classroom building room 406, or contact them at either (435) 865-8150 or at (435)586-5429.