Meet Our Cartoonist

Jenna Chapman

Sam Sherrill, a senior studio arts major from Salt Lake City, brought his talents back to the University Journal this year. Sherrill is working on building his illustration portfolio by creating editorial cartoons, assisting with graphics and letting his imagination roam.

I do lean on the more cartoony side of things and love drawing characters over anything else,” Sherrill said. “But I’m also still trying to experiment a lot, and I’m searching for a style that I enjoy and can stick with.”

Sherrill started drawing when he was little, especially when he was with his cousin.

“I used to play games with my cousin where we would draw monsters in a notebook and then pretend to fight the things we came up with,” he said.

Games quickly turned into a competition with a goal of being a better artist than his older cousin. All of that practice turned into a dream job. He wants to work on visual development for animation, but doesn’t want his career to get in the way of his dream of having a family.

“I think freelancing would be really cool because I would be home and able to watch my future kids grow up.”

Check out Sherrill’s latest work in the opinion section, on Instagram as @samsherrill and on his Artstation page. Please note, some content is for mature audiences only.