Tyler Melling leads the municipal primary election voting in Cedar City

The municipal primary election was held on Sept. 5 in Cedar City prior to the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

In total, 15,957 people registered to vote, and 5,067 ballots were cast. The results were:

— W. Tyler Melling: 2,712

— Robert S. Cox: 2,453

— Carter Wilkey: 1,922

— Brittany Fisher: 1,769

— Mark Mumford: 1,725

— Kathy Long: 1,324

Republican delegate Tyler Melling currently serves on the boards for the Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Orchestra of Southern Utah. Melling’s platform is that he’s committed to Cedar City’s future and protecting its rich heritage. He and his wife met at Southern Utah University, so he has deep roots in the community. His advocacy for responsible water policy has saved taxpayers millions, and because of this, Cedar City no longer subsidizes the water costs of new construction.

Robert S. Cox has been a Cedar City resident for nearly 30 years. Cox has given back to the community through public service with the National Guard, the Cedar City Rotary Club and the Southwest Junior Livestock Show. Cox’s vision for the future of Cedar City includes minimizing barriers to homeownership and business growth, recognizing that every business contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Carter Wilkey is a current member of the Cedar City Planning Commission, which focuses on private property rights and making affordable housing more attainable for everyone. He is also a member of both the Board of Adjustments and the Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as a past member of Cedar City’s Active Transportation Committee. Wilkey claims he will focus on the issues that impact the everyday quality of life for Cedar City residents, namely by prioritizing creative water solutions and collaborating with industry experts. He plans to actively participate in the budgeting process in order to understand the needs of Cedar City and bring transparency as to where tax dollars go.

Brittany Fisher is a military veteran who transitioned from the military lifestyle to Cedar City, where she now resides. The key pillar of her vision for Cedar City is fiscal responsibility. She prioritizes strategic investments that will yield long-term benefits for the town’s residents.

Mark Mumford ran for Cedar City Council two years ago to no avail. A few months after the election closed, Mumford was appointed to the city’s Board of Adjustments, where he still sits.  His time as a member has shown him how much more he wants to be a city counselor. The complex and nuanced issues surrounding property use in Cedar City intrigue him, and he is excited to see where things go.

Kathy Long has lived in Cedar City for 40 years. She first chose the town to attend SUU, and eventually decided it was where she was meant to be. In her time here, Long has participated in many organizations from the Iron County Home Builders Board to the Chamber of Commerce Board. She has also dedicated time to nonprofits such as the Iron County Care and Share, Canyon Creek Crisis Center and the Friends Board for Children.  

For more information, visit Cedar City’s election page.

Story: Dylan Dalton
Photo: Parker Johnson
Editor: Chevy Blackburn