Saying Farewell

The sad reality of an undergraduate student-run media publication? They all leave eventually! In December 2022, SUU News and the University Journal said goodbye to three longtime staff members who left their mark on the Journal and all of Southern Utah University.

JARED CLAWSON – Outdoors Editor

Jared Clawson got his start at SUU News in fall of 2021 when Hayden Coombs, former operations manager of the University Journal, recruited him from the news practicum class.

“Working in journalism has given me the opportunity to explore more of campus that I wouldn’t have otherwise,” Clawson said. “Plus, where else do you get paid to go on and write about outdoor adventures?”

Clawson graduated with a degree in communication and a minor in outdoor recreation. He wants to work in adventure media in order to combine his two passions: writing and the great outdoors.

PARKER HAYNIE – Sports Editor

Parker Haynie has always loved sports. An established fan of football and basketball, Haynie started working for SUU News as a reporter in January 2020 after taking Coombs’ intro to sports writing class.

“This job has taught me so much about how the sports media world works,” said Haynie. “I’m lucky to have gotten this type of practical experience working with SUU News.”

Haynie graduated with a degree in communication with an emphasis in media studies. He hopes to continue working in the sports world and one day have the nation’s top-rated sports podcast.

NATHAN RISER – Podcast Editor

After taking a few classes in audio production, Nathan Riser found himself being introduced to SUU News by the organization’s former podcast editor, Jadon Lamphear. Although he is a philosophy major, Riser found his true passion working with audio and film production.

“I have loved every second of my time here at SUU,” Riser said. “Learning audio production also helped me co-found the Film Club, which is what I want to do long-term.”

Because SUU’s film major is brand new this semester, Riser graduated with a philosophy major and a minor in economics. He hopes to begin a career in the filmmaking industry.

Story by: Aspen English
Photos courtesy of Devan Call

This article was originally published in the March 2023 edition of the University Journal.