Board of trustees announces nominations for prestigious scholarship

On March 29, seven students were named finalists for the 2023 Board of Trustees Scholarship. 

The scholarship, funded by the SUU board of trustees, is awarded to one outstanding student at the end of their junior year. Each nominee was selected by their college based on their overall academic excellence. 

Out of the seven finalists, one student will receive a scholarship for the total cost of in-state tuition and student fees as well as an additional $1,000. Regardless of which finalist is chosen to receive this award, each nomination is considered an exceptional achievement. 

Alyssa Iriart

Alyssa Iriart is the finalist for the Beverley Taylor Sorensen College of Education and Human Development. She is majoring in elementary education with a minor in family service. 

Stacy Hurst, a lecturer in teacher education at Southern Utah University, praised Iriart’s aptitude for building connections. 

“Alyssa is not only a diligent and accomplished student, but she also has a natural ability to work collaboratively with her peers and connect with children,” said Hurst. “Alyssa is committed to excellence and her ability to work hard becoming an outstanding educator. I have no doubt that she will continue to excel and am confident that she will make a powerful and positive impact in the lives of her future students.” 

Iriart’s plans after graduation involve working as a teacher and obtaining a master’s degree in administration. 

Keily Isabel Monzón De León

Keily Isabel Monzón De León is the finalist for the College of Engineering and Computational Science. She is majoring in engineering technology with an emphasis in computer-aided architectural and civil design and minoring in construction technology. 

One thing Monzón De León appreciates about SUU is how her program prepares her for many types of work in various fields. 

“With the engineering technology program at SUU, you have a mix of construction management, civil engineering and architecture. There’s a huge variety of classes,” Monzón De León said. “That’s been the big ‘why’ of my choosing SUU.”. 

Monzón De León plans to work in construction and architecture before pursuing a graduate degree. 

Madelyn Gamble

Madelyn Gamble is the finalist for the College of Health Sciences. She is majoring in nursing and minoring in early childhood development. 

“Madelyn is the rare student that a professor has the privilege of encountering once every decade,” said Dr.Guizella Rocabado, an assistant professor of chemistry at SUU. “She is invested in her studies; she has high standards of excellence; she is responsible, hard-working, and engaged. Yet, she is also kind, helpful, compassionate, and has the rare ability to have a great study-life balance because she has cracked the code of knowing how to study effectively along with leaving valuable time for important relationships with friends and family.” 

Gamble is grateful to be recognized for her diligent efforts. 

“You work towards something your whole life, and you don’t really think it’s real or feel recognized for it, so it is really rewarding to know that my work really is paying off,” she said. 

After graduation, Gamble plans to become a nurse practitioner. 

Wyatt Read

Wyatt Read is the finalist for the College of Humanities and Social Science. He is majoring in psychology. 

According to Dr. Bryan Koenig, an assistant professor of psychology at SUU, Read excels both in his coursework and personal relationships. 

“Wyatt is a wonderful student: a great combination of excellence and humbleness,” said Koenig. “He masters course material to an exceptional degree yet understands that much is left to learn. He is nice, respecting both peers and professors as valued human beings.” 

Read is especially passionate about making a positive difference with his work. 

“I think that science is a great way to improve people’s lives,” Read said. “I really enjoy doing meaningful research.”

Read plans to continue his education after graduation by attending graduate school. 

Galina Hasanova

Galina Hasanova is the finalist for the College of Performing and Visual Arts. She is majoring in illustration with a minor in graphic design. 

One of Hasanova’s professors, Eric Brown, is particularly impressed by her work ethic.

“Galina is one of the most dedicated students that I have had the pleasure to teach,” said Brown, a professor of art at SUU. “Her drawings are unusually beautiful and carefully crafted. They reveal a developing mastery of composition, subject matter, materials and techniques.”

Hasanova praised the art department curriculum for helping her develop her unique style. 

“At SUU, the classroom settings and curriculum that is being taught really give you a clear idea of where you want to be,” said Hasanova. “There’s so much to explore and learn, but I think the strength of the curriculum and professor experience is definitely what has helped me create a vision for myself as an artist.”

Hasanova hopes to become an animator, an art educator or an art director after graduation. 

Allie Quarnberg

Allie Quarnberg is the finalist for the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business. She is majoring in accounting. 

Dr. Mary Pearson, the college’s dean, expressed her admiration for Quarnberg. 

“Allie is not only an outstanding student in the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business but also a highly principled, positive and ambitious individual,” said Pearson. “She holds two associate degrees from Snow College and is actively involved in the Professional Accountancy Club at SUU. We are fortunate to have Allie work as a student administrative assistant in the business school, where she is an incredible example to fellow students, faculty and staff.”

Quarnberg particularly loves her major for the intellectual challenge it presents. 

“I love accounting because it’s like solving a puzzle, so if that’s something you enjoy, go for it,” said Quarnberg. “Also, if you like solving problems and collecting data, then accounting may be a good fit for you, and regardless of whether you like talking to people or not, there’s a career in accounting that is suitable for you.”

Quarnberg hopes to become a certified public accountant after graduation. 

Kylee Stoddard

Kylee Stoddard is the finalist for the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences. She is majoring in chemistry with a healthcare emphasis. 

Dr. Chris Monson, an associate professor of chemistry at SUU, spoke very highly of Stoddard. 

“Kylee is one of the most talented, intelligent, determined and hard-working students I have ever had the privilege of working with,” said Monson. “She is a great example of what an SUU student can accomplish and a great example to hold up for future students to emulate.”

Stoddard is proud of her various accomplishments during her time at SUU. Among these are her perfect GPA and her research on chemical filters that she plans to present to the American Chemical Society in August. 

Stoddard is grateful to be considered for this prestigious scholarship. 

“It makes it more real to be recognized for the hard work you have done,” said Stoddard. 

After graduation, Stoddard plans to attend dental school for orthodontics or graduate school for further education in chemistry. 

Students interested in applying for scholarships should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at or visit the SUU scholarships website.

Story by: Nick Stein
Photos Courtesy of SUU