‘The Lowdown’ helps students to find housing at colleges across Utah

Students at Southern Utah University can use a website called The Lowdown to find housing reviews, leave reviews of their own, post contracts they wish to sell and browse current contract listings.

The idea for the site originated from a group of BYU alumni that has been developing the concept since 2021. As of Jan. 23, the team launched their site to bring transparency to the confusing world of student housing.

Co-creator and product manager Rebecca Cazanave has big plans for The Lowdown. The site originated in Utah Valley but has since expanded to Cedar City, St. George, Salt Lake City and Logan. The Lowdown team hopes to reach universities in other states as the company grows.

“One of the coolest parts about our site is that people can leave a review for any apartment in the country,” Cazanave said. “Once they leave that review, they create a new pin on our map where other students can add their experiences as well. Our expanding efforts will be guided based on where we get the most traction.”

The site is a free resource that functions on students’ input, so The Lowdown encourages people not only to use the site to explore housing options but also to leave their thoughts about past and current housing experiences.

“The Lowdown cracks the student network wide open by collecting reviews about housing options so that after looking at our site, a student can feel good about signing a contract and also fully understand what they’re getting into,” Cazanave said.

Article by: Kale Nelson
Photo by: Luke McKenzie