Next wave of rain, wind and snow to move through Cedar City

The National Weather Service has issued wind and winter weather advisories for Iron County on Jan. 10 and 11. 

The storm system is forecasted to move into the Cedar City area at around 8 p.m. on Jan. 10 and leave at around 5 a.m. on Jan. 11. Before the snow arrives, Iron County will see scattered showers throughout the day. 

While a wind advisory is already in effect, the NWS expects winds to pick up overnight on Jan. 9, with gusts reaching up to 55 mph before the storm arrives. 

As for the temperatures, AccuWeather predicts a high of 45 degrees on Jan. 10 and a high of 42 degrees on Jan. 11. The low temperatures will also be well below freezing, with low temperatures of 27 degrees on Jan. 10 and 18 degrees on Jan. 11. 

AccuWeather also anticipates that Cedar City will have a 50% chance of receiving an inch of snow during this period and a 36% chance of one to three inches of snow. However, much of this snow accumulation is expected to occur in the mountains east of Cedar City. 

Most of the precipitation Cedar City will likely experience during the day will be rain with the possibility of flurries in the late afternoon.

Those in the area should still be prepared for snow moving further down the mountain, which could lead to more significant snowfall totals than initially forecasted.

Since Southern Utah University is entering the first week of the spring semester, on-campus parking lots will be more crowded than usual. Students should plan extra time for traveling during this period and have a backup plan to make it to class on time. 

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Article by: Luke McKenzie
Photo Courtesy of Aaron Burden on Unsplash