SUU’s CDI ends the spring semester with one final social

Southern Utah University’s spring semester is coming to a close and so are the meetings for many of the school’s clubs and groups. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion kicked off the third-to-final week of the semester with a closing social where guests could enjoy refreshments and chat with friends. 

The social began with closing statements and announcements from the leaders of the CDI. Then those in attendance performed group TikTok dances, made jokes and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Landry Igiraneza, the CDI’s lead coordinator, believes that social events are essential when considering how the pandemic affected many people’s abilities to connect. 

“Especially coming out of the pandemic, we, in a way, have forgotten how to socialize,” Igiraneza said. “So, these events and other social events help students get to socialize with each other.”

Igiraneza also believes that the CDI holds an advantage over other groups in assisting students with socializing because of how diverse the group and its clubs are. 

“With the CDI, we have the advantage of so many students from different social backgrounds, different nationalities, different countries and different races,” Igiraneza explained. “You get to know other people and learn about other cultures.” 

Igiraneza also recommends joining a club to get updates on when the final club events are happening over the next three weeks. 

“I would say to join, especially using social media, to follow all of the clubs,” Igiraneza said. “We have nine clubs and some of them have closing socials happening. Everyone is invited to join all the clubs—you don’t have to identify with any of the cultures or identities to join the clubs.” 

Igiraneza also recommends visiting the CDI’s webpage to receive updates on future events that the center hosts. The page also explains the benefits of being a member of the CDI and it provides resources for students as well. 

The clubs within the center plan on hosting final meetings during the final weeks of the semester but specific dates and times have yet to be established. 

Article and Photos by: Luke McKenzie