Utahns take action over the Russia-Ukraine war

As Russia’s war on Ukraine stretches into its second month, many Utahns have taken action to help support those in need.

Bountiful man Jonathan Faber was able to coordinate with other Utahns to help rescue his two sisters who were trying to flee Ukraine. 

Faber, and his compatriots, were able to communicate with Anne-Marie Cales Lewis, a volunteer helping refugees, to find transportation for Faber’s family to drive across the country to Poland and secure flights to Paris.

Lewis, who had been living in Paris, was able to help the family get through border customs. Hours after the family made it to the new country, they learned their home city in Ukraine was bombed. 

“Huge thanks to Anne-Marie for going to help people she never met before in her life, just trying to help, and it’s just so amazing for that,” Faber said.

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran from Kaysville, Quan Nguyen, has helped more than 30 families escape Ukraine. 

Nguyen has worked with another Marine Veteran who lives in the city of Lviv in Ukraine. The two have primarily focused on getting women and children in a safe shelter and away from the fighting. 

“They get some peace and quiet, especially for the kids. We’ve got some toys for them to play with. So, that’s basically what we’ve been able to do,” Nguyen said.

The Larry H. Miller Company organized the Driven to Assist donation drive to help Ukrainian refugees. As of March 17, they have raised over $1 million and have received over 250 bins of donated goods. 

“The outpouring of generosity and love we’ve seen from this drive is absolutely astounding. Thank you for making a difference and enriching lives here at home and around the world,” Chairwoman Gail Miller, said in a statement.

Utah for Ukraine has set up a fund sponsored by the Community Foundation of Utah. Utahns have the option to donate to help fleeing Ukrainians get supplies, food, shelter and transportation.

Article by: Lexi Hamel


Photo Courtesy of Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash