SUU students respond to gas prices increasing

Gas prices nationwide continue to increase amid the Russia-Ukraine war and the rise in inflation

According to AAA, the national average cost of gas is $4.33 per gallon. In Utah, the average is $4.35 per gallon, while prices in southern Utah are averaging $4.46 per gallon. 

As most Americans have been affected by the increase in prices, Southern Utah University students have also taken a financial hit.

Makayla Brown, a junior, does not see the gas prices decreasing anytime soon.

“The prices are very frustrating,” Brown said. “I have 80 miles left in my tank and I feel like I need to fill up before the cost continues to increase.” 

On average, gas prices are rising about $0.07 a day. Prices have steadily increased nationwide for over one year. Utahns were paying under $3 per gallon in March 2021.

Paige Washburn, the Student Programming Board vice president, fears the price increase will affect students’ mental health. 

“If students are unable to leave Cedar, their mental health could decline,” Washburn said. “I think we will see a lot of students choosing between gas and other necessities here shortly.”

Both Brown and Washburn are from northern Utah and fear they cannot return home anytime soon to visit. 

“I wanted to go home this weekend but, unfortunately, it is too expensive right now,” Brown said. 

Like Brown, Washburn does not see herself making the drive in the near future.

“The drive home is not worth the amount of money I would spend. The gas prices need to decrease before I make that call,” Washburn said. 

Experts are estimating the average cost of gas will soon reach over $5 per gallon. 

Article by: Lexi Hamel

Photo courtesy of: Yassine Khalfalli on Unsplash