Business Bash Brings Opportunities to Students

Serving up tacos and a number of opportunities on Sept. 29, the Business Bash provided a place for students to learn about all of the School of Business’ extracurriculars.

Clubs in attendance included the Economics and Analytics Club, The Entrepreneurship Club, the Finance Club, the Hospitality Guild, The Marketing Club and the Student Management Association. Each of these clubs offer different focuses for students both in and outside of the school of business.

The Economics and Analytics Club works with students in networking both professionally and personally as well as helping students to decide what path their degree can take them.

“That is our main goal, trying to prepare students for career success,” said Economics and Analytics Club President Candace Fehr.

The Entrepreneurship Club works closely with the entrepreneurship practicum class which allows students to earn college credit while simultaneously working on a business of their own. The club follows this real-world experience by providing students with an opportunity to work in teams on a club-started business.

The Finance Club works with two smaller groups, the Corporate Finance group and the Investment Scholar group, to allow students to focus on what interests them most.

The Hospitality Guild is for all those interested in the hospitality industry. From taking tours of the lodging industry to learning from successful SUU alumni, students can get hands-on learning in the industry. They also provide opportunities for students to acquire internships throughout the United States.

We can inspire students to believe that they can be there and that they can do it, explains Maddie Leseberg, the marketing director for the guild.

The Marketing Club is another club that focuses on real world experiences. In the past year students were able to work with local businesses to create marketing strategies while learning from professionals in the industry.

The Student Management Association welcomes all majors, insisting that no matter the career, managing is something that needs to be done. They focus on networking opportunities and skill development — helping students learn how to manage what they have.

“Our Business clubs are in a unique position to provide our students with real-life experience for whatever field they’re interested in,” said School of Business Senator Colton Smith. “They allow students to meet with potential employers and find job opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

More information on the School of Business and their clubs can be found here


Article and by Audrey Gee