Leavitt Center Celebrates Constitution Day

Photo by Anthony Grand

The Michael O Leavitt Center commemorated the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Friday, Sept. 17 by holding an event welcome to all students.

That day is designated as Constitution and Citizenship Day, celebrating the document and the essential rights guaranteed to citizens. The U.S. recognizes Constitution Day as a federal holiday signifying the importance of the adoption of the Constitution.

The Leavitt Center’s Business Manager Olivia Johnson and Executive Councilman Jakob Gertler both agreed this event was meant to educate the student body on the Constitution. 

“We feel like it’s important for even opportunity,” Johnson said. “This gives students the chance to celebrate and write down their own amendments.” 

The large “What Would You Amend the Constitution For?” sign and copies of the Constitution captured the attention of many students walking through the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

Comments like an equal rights amendment, gun control, term and age limits, and a balanced budget were all contributed by students. 

Student Emilio Medina recognized the significance of the holiday. “It’s important, the Constitution is the fabric of how our country runs,” said Southern Utah University student Emilio Medina. “Some people disagree with the Constitution and others have strong opinions for it. It’s a long process.”

As a sociology major, Medina said the Constitution plays a big role in what gets talked about in the classroom. “The voting rights amendments for African Americans and women are my favorite part of the Constitution, but there could be more involvement with voting rights.”

Johnson said her favorite aspect of the Constitution is the voting rights for women. “I’m a woman,” Johnson said, “This was a big step towards gender equality.” The Nineteenth Amendment, ratified in 1920 gave women the right to vote. 

The Leavitt Center displayed large copies of the Constitution to bring awareness of the holiday. Those who are actively involved within the Leavitt Center anticipate events like this for students to come and get engaged.

“The Leavitt Center is a place for resources, involvement and for people to become more civically involved,” Gertler said. 

Pizza and Politics is hosted in the Leavitt Center every Wednesday at noon in room 112 of the Student Center.

Article by: Lexi Hamel

Photo by: Anthony Garand on Unsplash