SUU To Be Featured on Amazon Prime Series: The College Tour

It’s no secret that Southern Utah University is unique, with its hands-on, student-focused way of learning at the forefront of the university’s priorities. 

It’s close proximity to national parks, heavily involved small-town community and affordable, quality education only adds to the reasons the student population is heavily growing. Leading the state in student growth, SUU now has over 12,000 students enrolled, the highest this number has ever been. 

SUU is growing for a reason, and now those interested will have the opportunity to tour the university remotely. The Amazon Prime series “The College Tour” will be featuring SUU in an upcoming episode of the show. 

“The producers wanted to make a show that’s accessible to students because it’s really expensive to tour various schools, especially if you don’t live in a very populated area,” said Nikki Kootnz, the executive director of marketing and communication at SUU.

The first episode aired in January, and since then, four episodes have been released, highlighting Fort Lewis College, Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State University and East Tennessee State University. The episodes are highly rated on Amazon Prime, 91% rating it 5 out of 5 stars. 

Koontz is excited about SUU being a part of the first season, saying that “there’s something really special” about being a part of the show in the beginning, especially with working with such accredited producers.

The producers have worked on shows such as “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race,” and according to Koontz, they see “The College Tour” as a “multi-season endeavor.”

 SUU will have its own 30-minute episode with segments featuring ten students. The students cast will talk about the personalized attention they get from faculty, hands-on learning opportunities, internships and community involvement they’ve experienced at SUU.

“We did a casting call and put it out on social media, in the mySUU portal, on the SUU Calendar of Events and emailed a ton of different departments and professors on campus asking for suggestions for students,” Koontz said. 

Producers will be on campus next week during finals and graduation to film the content, and SUU’s episode will be aired sometime in July.

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Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Mitch Quartz