SUUSA Holds Induction Ceremony Following Student Elections

The Southern Utah University Student Association held an induction ceremony to formally transition newly elected members of the student government into their new positions. The ceremony was held on April 2 in the Sterling Church Auditorium.

Kolton Pierson, the student involvement and leadership coordinator, introduced the ceremony. He listed off the various accomplishments and achievements by SUUSA despite the pandemic and uncertainties of the past few semesters.

Pierson mentioned that the Student Programming Board ran 68 events in the past year, the clubs committee funded $10,000 for SUU’s clubs and the marketing team had one of the most successful years in a long time.

Next, Colton Smith, the chief justice, was summoned to the podium to hand off his position to Collin Peterson, the newly elected chief justice, who was sworn in at the podium. Smith mentioned that due to COVID-19, this ceremony did not occur last year.

After this, Peterson went on to swear in various new members of SUUSA that sat in rows on the stage. They all stood one by one as they were named and repeated an oath.

Nouman Kante, the student body president who was reelected, came up to the podium and introduced the current vice presidents of academics, finance, clubs, and marketing, SPB president, and the chief of staff.

The SUUSA members gave short speeches, giving thanks to their committee members and to those that helped them and gave advice and encouragement to the newly elected members that will be replacing them

Some of the SUUSA members also handed off tokens to the new members, such as an SPB-themed bucket and a piece of SUU’s Old Main building.

With the newly elected members, SPB will officially combine with SUUSA once again after nearly five years of being apart. 

Kante was brought to the podium once again to give his acceptance speech. He thanked the executive council and advisors and showed his appreciation for their hard work through the adversities brought by the pandemic. 

“‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we see,’” Kante shared, quoting Barack Obama.

“Every school and every human being has its own struggle,” said Kante. “Having the opportunity to influence and be somebody that a student can look at or approach, it is an honor to be that face to every student, whether they need your help, that time or that day, but you are there.”

Kante went on to give a speech in which he detailed his journey at SUU and his endeavor to become a leader and give back to the community that he is very grateful for.

“I am so thankful to be back here again to serve the students, to serve the university,” said Kante. “Thank you and let’s keep moving forward. Go T-Birds!”


Story and Photos by: Sasha Johnson