History and Food: Founder’s Week Lunch on the Main Event

Southern Utah University held its “Lunch on the Main” event on Wednesday, March 17, as part of Founder’s Week. This week is the celebration of SUU’s founding 124 years ago in 1897.

“Southern Utah University was built with people who had grit. And they built this not for themselves but for people who would come later. And it was epic; it’s one of the great epic stories, the founding of this university,” said SUU President Scott L. Wyatt at the event.

Lunch on the Main allowed students to explore six significant SUU locations to learn more about the university’s history and receive free food while doing so.

The locations were the Old Sorrel statue, the Centurium, the Rotunda, the Library, the Electronic Learning Center Plaza and Old Main.

The individuals talked about at these locations were the first four faculty members who are also known as the formidable four, John Parry, former President Gerald R. Sherratt, Sharwan Smith, George H.W. Bush and Neil Bladen.

COVID-19 measures were enforced at the event, with volunteers serving food behind plexiglass barriers, and helpers at the food station were required to wear masks and gloves throughout the process.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges when it comes to school life, which makes it hard for students to create a place they can call their own.

“It’s been pretty hard meeting people and being able to learn about my school and get connected with teachers,” said Chloe Crandall, an SUU freshman studying anthropology and sociology.

Having events such as these allows students to learn more about the school they call home and the community.

“The main purpose of this event is to let SUU students know and the people of the community about the foundation of Cedar City and why SUU is here,” said Christiana Guerra, an SUU assistant coach for excellence and success.

The complete list of Founder’s Week events can be found on the Founder’s Week homepage on SUU’s website. 


Story and photos by Skyler Jones
Email: skyler.mc.jones@gmail.com