New Study Abroad Journal Launched to Allow Students to Share Experiences

The Southern Utah University Office of Learning Abroad published the first issue of The Global Review earlier this month. This journal allows students and staff involved in study abroad trips to share their travels through art, photography, poetry and personal essays.

The Global Review was created as an outlet for domestic students who studied abroad in other countries and for foreign students who studied abroad in the United States at SUU to tell their stories of the experiences they had.

Students can recall their study abroad trips by directly writing about their experiences, or by writing poems, through photographs, or through other creative media. The journal aims to encourage students to see their experiences through a more artistic and creative lens and to allow them to view the experiences in different perspectives.

The Global Review is published biannually, with issues scheduled to be published every March and September.

Content for the journal can be submitted by visiting this page.

Story by: Sasha Johnson
Photography Courtesy of: SUU Office of Learning Abroad