Letter to the Editor: Mask Up and Support Our Peers

Dear Editor,

I am very excited to be back on campus this semester, as I went home for fall of 2020. I know Covid was an unfortunate and an inconvenient situation for all; it made it hard to have any real plans set in place. Life has taken a lot of crazy turns and has required a lot of adapting amongst everyone. For me, I was hesitant that I would be paying to be in school with the possibility of no on-campus classes. I am excited and proud of our T-Bird family for making it possible to be one of few schools in the nation to have full access to campus.

With that in mind, it brings me to the concepts of masks and testing.

I know it is difficult when you account for everyone’s feelings and differences of opinions towards the coronavirus. It can be frustrating when you can go to many local businesses and they don’t require a mask, but when you come to campus it is required. I know it challenges a lot of people’s views and can make for some tough situations, but I hope to see our student body and staff come together when dealing with one issue: No matter your views on the virus, we need to do all that we can do to support our school.

One thing I take great pride in is our athletic programs. Our athletic programs here at SUU are very important and play a huge role in the school. With that being said, we need to do everything in our power to get to the games and support our teams. Not only will it help them, but it can help everyone else feel a sense of normalcy. Most importantly let’s help out the community. Get tested and wear a mask and see how we can proceed forward. If we can stay consistent, put the effort in to helping the community, school, and athletics the faster we can get back to what we all want.

Let’s find the positive and use this time to bring everyone together and make us all one. Go T-Birds!

Submitted by: Brianna Aldridge
Photo courtesy of: SUU Athletics